Learning and Education in Digital Environments

Learning and Education in Digital Environments

With the LUDO-project (Learning and Education in Digital Environments) the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) has been given responsibility to develop a future oriented teacher education that prepares student teachers well for work in classrooms affected by digitalization. The project lasts from 1.4.2018 until the 31.3.2021.

About LUDO


Access to digital technology impacts the way people communicate, how knowledge is developed and how competence is acquired. In Norway, schools typically equip each student with an iPad, PC or Chromebook. Consequently, students have access to an enormous amount of information and a huge range of technology-supported activities, which for instance opens up for new ways of communicating and collaborating within and beyond the classroom. Furthermore, teachers can use digital resources to make education and assignments relevant, topical and to engage students as learners.


Technology-supported activities also invites for adapting and differentiating the learning content and learning processes to students’ interests and strengths or challenges. However, to take advantage of such affordances, teachers need competencies to evaluate (and often discuss with students) which digital and analogue resources that seem purposeful. They need to know how to scaffold or guide students through, often complex, learning trajectories which involves using digital artefacts. The list is long, and involves knowing how to help children and teens steer away from both the learning- and social challenges that emerge in digital environments, as well as how to identify credible information; protect creative work; deal with ethical dilemmas etc.  

The LUDO-project will promote teacher educators' awareness of why Professional Digital Competenc (PDC) is important to enhance, and provide teacher educators and student teachers with competence that will enhance the PDC of both groups. In addition, the curricula is revised to make sure that teacher educators responsibility for students’ PDC is communicated clearly.

Who are in LUDO?

Hanne Marie Hauger

The Project Group

Toril Aagaard

Project leader

Agnete Bueie

Project leader

Charlotte Beal

Media manager and student representative 

The Project Group has the main responsibility for achieving the aims of the LUDO-project.

Ole Riksaasen Dahl

In-service teacher 2

Silje Aspeflaten

In-service teacher 2

Magnus Hontvedt

Associate professor

Andreas Lund

Professor / Formative dialogue researcher

The Expert Group

The Expert Group is responsible for discussing strategies along the way and to contribute to  the project's good direction

Hjørdis Hjukse

Leader, EDU 

Elin Bøen

Project leader, DigTekLab

May Janne S. Husevåg

Project coordinator,

campus Drammen

Ann-Thérèse Arstorp

Associate professor

Eirik Brazier

Associate professor

Live K. Sveva

Media manager (in maternity leave)

Hanne Marie Hauger

Student representative

Lise Møller

University College Copenhagen

Mads Brink Möller

University College Copenhagen

Cathrine Tømte


Jørn Andersen

Larvik municipality

Aslaug Grov Almås

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Lisabeth Carson


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